Arguments Against God - Debunked

This article is for the HONEST seeker of truth - not a person with a closed mind about atheism, even though they are also welcome - it will simply not have any effect on these readers. But if you are like me a person who really wants to find absolute truth then these arguments could hit very deep so be aware :) 

I tried to list the major objections I HAD plus that I heard and researched about against God - and let me tell you ONE THING... I AM SHOCKED how bad the arguments against God are... 

After digging into all the logical arguments for God these arguments just seem week - see for yourself... 

1. Science makes God unnecessary 

Science is Like reading God s programming Language

❌ The Objection:

Whenever there is science we don't need God - God is just where science can't fill the gap yet. 

✅ The Answer: 

Science CANNOT answer ANY of the fundamental questions of life...


- WHY do we even exist? 

- If there is no God why is there something? 

- What/Who created this whole experience around us? 

What is the purpose of all this & what is my purpose in this whole thing? 


These question really matter in YOUR life & only the search for purpose can answer them!

Science is not searching for purpose rather it is observing things and making predictions based on these observations. 

Well, there is ONE MAJOR PROBLEM with that...

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Science is only possible because of the existence of creation in the first place... 

No creation - No science... Makes sense right?

 ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️

Every creation needs a creator.

If you would find a watch lying on the ground - would you assume it just assembled itself? 

OF COURSE NOT - intelligent design always points to an intelligent mind behind it designing it! 

Some goes for this universe! 

Universe is like a Clock that points to intelligent design

(This is the so-called Design Argument - one of the strongest scientific based arguments that point to the existence of a designer/creator- there were LOTS of scientists that started to believe in God after truly understanding how amazingly fine the universe is tuned...) 

Every law needs a law giver.

If you read the law of your country would you assume the letters have just randomly sorted themselves like that or would you assume based on the evidence that a message with this amount of intelligence behind it has to be created by an intelligent mind? 

OF COURSE intelligent messages have to be made my intelligent minds - non-intelligence nature has NEVER produced intelligent messages or have you ever seen the wind - randomly write a word into the sand?

So when scientist study the laws of the universe and the messages decoded in the DNA that tell all living organisms what to do - what they are actually doing is reading what God wrote. 

The study the programming language of the the programmer. 

The Perfection of DNA is a Sign of God

2. Who created God?

❌ The Objection:

Ok, so if you say God created the universe then who created God? 

✅ The Answer: 

This is an objection that often follows the so-called -First Cause Argument.

The argument is as follows: 

1. Everything that has a beginning has a cause. 

2. The universe has a beginning

3. Therefore it must have a cause

The big bang was the beginning of spacetime - so the cause needs to be outside of spacetime, needs to be powerful & personal, because there needs to be a decision made to create instead of not creating. 

A decision involves a will which is personal in nature.

This argument is realllly great it really is if you let it sink in... 

This is just PURE logic - something that science uses ALL THE TIME.

In fact the law of causality is a FOUNDATIONAL LAW of science itself - so denying this is like denying the scientific method itself!!!

But naturally the question arises... 

➡️ Who created God then? 

It feels logic right? 

Just go one step further in the logic chain...

A Logical Chain that Ends with God

The problem is you have reached the beginning of the logic chain - the cause of all causes - that itself is uncaused.

The logical argument said everything that has a BEGINNING (like the universe) needs a cause - that is logic. 

✅ But who says that God needs a beginning?! 

Just because WE little humans can't even grasp infinity does not mean it does not exist...

It is in fact a logical conclusion to have ONE element of infinity in all this thing we call existence as a beginning of all chains to build upon. 

The problem is the universe can't be it - because it had a beginning and an end. 

So it needs to be something outside of this universe & outside of spacetime... 


To summarize:  

God has NO beginning, NO end - in the bible he has introduced himself as "I AM" or "I WILL BE" meaning he is, was, and always will be. 

Therefore he needs no creator because he is the ultimate creator & infinite creativity all combined. 

(Read God & Consciousness for more...) 

3. God is the Universe (Pantheism) 

❌ The Objection: 

God is the Universe. 

✅ The Answer: 

To say God is the universe is like saying God is the painting - not the painter. 

We just discussed that the cause of this universe is outside of spacetime, therefore the cause in other words the creator CANNOT be the universe itself. 

We also discussed that we need an uncaused cause - an unmoved mover - a constant to build all other things upon - an element of infinity to end all chains in it. 

The universe can't be this element itself because it had a beginning and it will have an end if we believe the calculations of Steven Hawkins - see here: The Big Freeze - The End of the Universe.

 So because there is a beginning of spacetime it needs a cause and the cause needs to OUTSIDE space and time. Meaning God aka the Cause is not bound by space nor time - he perceive all at once. 

So yes, God is everywhere at once but God is not just lifeless dead atoms swirling around. 

God is Outside of Spacetime Thus God is NOT the Universe

The Problem with Destiny: 

There are a lot of people who believe in God being the Universe but the Universe also being the major factor for destiny. 

❌ That is not possible...

Lifeless & mindless matter has NO intention and willpower - it merely reacts to the physical laws.

Destiny is just another word for God's plan of my future... 

1) To plan you need a mind with intention.

2) To see a future of a person & make it their destiny or plan this being needs to be outside of time in order to do so.

Atoms, matter etc. is INSIDE of spacetime and lacks therefore all attributes for being responsible in destiny. 

I believed that once: 

I also believed that God is the Universe - reflecting back on it there were 2 major reasons why I did that.

1) I did not think it through properly.

2) I liked calling God the "Universe" because it hat a less personal touch than the word God - which implicated less of a moral burden & more personal freedom for me. 

But I couldn't ignore the facts forever...

Pantheism vs Theism

4. Evolution is ruling out God...

❌ The Objection:

Evolution proofs that there is no need for God.

✅ The Answer: 

I will write a whole article about it here: Problem with evolution. 

The short answer is - only microevolution (a species is adopting to its environment) is proven! 

Macroevolution (= we all come from one cell) is a BELIEF system! Not a scientific fact whatsoever. 

In fact A LOT OF the evidence is going AGAINST the idea that we are all from one cell. 

The forensic evidence of all past creatures that we found does NOT show a slow progress from one species to another but rather different species appearing all at a similar time (400-500 mio. years ago).

That is why this is also called the biological big bang

The Macroevolution Problem

I was shocked when I read this the first time!!!

I always felt like the science community is 100% reliable and if they talk about evolution being the truth I just took it without researching about it... 

I don't know why this is not spread more!!! 

This is pretty good evidence pointing into the direction of an intelligent designer! 

Either way I encourage you to do your own investigation & do not take just take a predetermined position without digging into the topic - but better sit down because this is heavy stuff!!! 

Read my article on it here

5. God Does Not Care... (Deism)

❌ The Objection:

God created the world but obviously DOES NOT care much about us... 

✅ The Answer: 

1) We just established that God intervened at least once!! 

With the creation & development of life (again read this article to dive deeper).

That itself is already a very evidence that shows he didn't just turn his back - but wanted things to be alive...

➡️ So NO - he did not just create the physical laws and then left - but initiated the whole life on earth as it looks like with all the evidence we have. 

2) Why would he create the whole physical universe & then the biological one and then just leave?

That does not make much sense does it? 

In fact WHY even create ANYTHING at all - put in some degree of effort and thought into something then just leave it... Why not destroy it again if you wouldn't care about it? We keep sustaining it?

 It is not logical.

Especially when you realize that the creator of such an amazingly well designed cosmos has to have a huge intelligence & wisdom

That makes it even more unlikely to behave in such an irrational way... 

➡️ So there is practically no motive to create an leave but all the motives to create and then to foster & care.

Deism vs Theism

3) The be a deist (which I was) means you have to discredit ALL of the spiritual experiences that people ever had in the entire human history!!! 

That is a pretty bold thing to do...

If just ONE spiritual experience would be true - would mean there would be a possibility to connect with God - therefore he would not be absent but available to us!

6. If God what is the purpose of all this? 

❌ The Objection:

If God is unlimited in his power why would he create any of this anyway? Doesn't he have it all already? 

✅ The Answer: 

I don't know - nobody does for sure...

But I can tell you what I believe & feel to be true. 

1️⃣ I believe God is indeed love (read here about the strong logical argument behind it - worth your time for sure). 

2️⃣ And for love to exist there needs to be free will - you CANNOT force someone to love.

3️⃣ Therefore I believe God chose to limit his ultimate power and give us individual beings a free will - so we can choose between love & hate, separation & unity, light & darkness. It is completely up to each individual. 

4️⃣ But ultimately the father in heaven is infinity happy, loving & forgiving for every lost sheep who finds the way back to him freely (also stated in the bible - Matt 23).

5️⃣ After truly having found him - being complete again as a soul - a natural drive develops to spread his message into this world of love, peace & unity - so we all as humanity can finally unlock our designed potential

What is the Purpose of Life Theism


So in short: 

1) Exercise your free will that was given to you to chase your goals & try finding yourself.

2) Realize along the journey that NOTHING in this world fulfils your soul.

3) Find God & let him into her being. Start seeing the world 10x more beautiful - love his creation & spread his message of love & unity to unlock the full potential of humanity. 

4) At the end choose if you want to to spend infinity again with him - but based on an ACTUAL free choice you made. 

7. If God - why can't I see him? (Divine Hiddenness)

✅ The Answer:

That is exactly the reason why he CAN'T make just appear in the sky & and talk to all of us.

He could obviously - he is all powerful 

(& if you believe the bible he will in the end of times.)

But for now - he does not want to - because that would destroy love & free will.

Think about it!!!!

After his ultimate appearance in the sky in front of the whole world - there could be NO free will anymore of not believing in him!!!

EVERYONE would HAVE to admit there is a God and just because of fear everyone would start worshipping him...

Screenshot 2024 04 10 at 07.34.03

He does NOT want that!!!!

He wants honest love & that can only exist if there is a choice to believe & love him!

Let that sink in... That argument is really REALLLLLLLY strong if you let it sink in..........

That is why waiting for a sign is pointless. 

He cannot (does not want to) do it because he respects your free will so much that he will always give you room to choose for yourself! 

Isn't that amazing? 

You can ALWAYS access him anyway if you choose it - if you choose to truly believe & trust in him from the bottom of your heart there is so much love flowing through your body - it is hard to describe even... 

Divine Hiddenness Free Will Theism

8. If God why Evil & Pain & Injustice? 

❌ The Objection:

If God is all loving HOW CAN HE let so much suffering & evil happen?!? That is not loving.

✅ The Answer: 

We've just established that God gave us free will in order for true love to exist. 

He does not want robots to worship him or FORCE himself on us. 

But there are massive consequences of giving us free will...

We can choose to abuse it horribly & that is what is happening a lot on this planet sadly. 

The worst things on this planet happen because of the free choice of a person: 

Murder, Rape, War, Violence in general, Lies & Deception, Torture you name it...


Wouldn't you agree that if we all chose today that we will NEVER kill, lie & be hateful against one anonther anymore but instead love, help and support one another the world would be a nearly heavenly place? 

Think about it... 

Peace around the globe - No poverty anymore, because we all help each other - No violence ever again?

We could collectively chose that! 

If God Why Evil Theism Arguments

But everyday (including me) we choose our own benefits rather than helping others - it is our horrible choices that made this world the way it is now - it is super unfair to blame our creator for our abusement of free will. 


❌ The Objection: 

God is all powerful - why doesn't he stop all these evil people then? 

✅ The Answer: 

If he would erase all evil, selfish people on this planet - he would erase you & me right with them, but God is loving & forgiving - he gives all of us the chance to repent & do better - EVERY SINGLE DAY.

He is incredibly patient - but if you believe the bible one day your time for repentance is over... So he will - but in his time & plan not in yours. 

9. Which God is the right one? 

❌ The Objection: 

A smart atheist once said: "You don't believe in 17,999 Gods - I just went one further."

✅ The Answer: 

It is a smart argument on the surface but mixing up two questions into one. 

1) There is ONE major question: To you believe in the divine God? 

2) The other question is: Which quality does this divine God have? 

But still the point seems valid right? 

Why not pray to Zeus or the Itzamná (God of the mayas)?

Polytheism vs Theism Explained

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

1) ONLY ONE infinite being can exist...

You need a God that is outside of spacetime & infinite, without a beginning & end.

There can ONLY be ONE infinite being - two infinite beings would mean that they have limits somehow - the differ from each other and possess different attributes - which is limiting and infinity cannot be limited. 

God is infinite - therefore there is only ONE God. 

Not to say that he can't create divine creatures like angles - but still they all are under the wing of ONE infinite being - that always was - always is - always will be... 

(I do like the idea of God & Goddess - Male & Female, Wisdom&Love, Yin-Yang but I feel like ultimately this worldview crumbles under the weight of infinity... God could have different channels of expression - but the source is non-dual, meaning the same in the end - Yin-Yang is also in the end non-dual in the Tao...) 


Infinite consciousness, love, goodness, justice, morality, power

Most of the ancient Gods where a humanized version of God - not to say God CAN'T take on human form (Jesus) - but to believe he would be limited is against all the characteristics of God. 

It is just easier for us humans to put this infinite being into a humanized version and that results in thousands of "different" Gods throughout all types of cultures. 

Humanized Gods

But at the end of the day ALL these cultures understood that a creator of creation, a king of kings, ruler of rulers simply is the logical conclusion of this thing we call existence. 

So the sheer fact that the vast majority of humans who ever lived believed in God is actually an argument pointing towards an underlying truth (see majority argument.) 

So instead of disproving God this fact actually is a evidence for the existence of God...

10. God is "Unproofable" therefore no point in talking about it

❓What does proof even mean❓ 

"Proof is a way of saying that something is to be considered absolutely true & it CANNOT be otherwise."

➡️ Don't confuse proof with evidence.

Evidence are indicators (sometimes super strong) that point towards a conclusion

❌ The problem with proof is - nothing is "proofable" absolutely. 

I cannot proof to you with 100% certainty that you exist - you might be just a brain in a water tank like in the matrix...

God is not Proofable Argument

You can't proof that all people around you are not just robots programmed with AI and you are the only one that is real... 

You can't proof even that you see the same red than I do... We might see different reds - proof it! 

Nothing is ultimately 100% absolute "proofable" - because everything could be different...

So should we just stop talking about everything now?

No... We exist - so we try to make conclusions based on the evidence that we see and hope it will lead us to truth in the end.  

Same with God - he is not "proofable" but so is nothing - but that does not mean it makes no sense to think about it.

In fact this might very well be THE MOST important topic of your life - your whole life purpose & therefore every single decision you make every single day is effected by this very topic. 

& if you believe the bible - this effects your afterlife as well - so yes the topic is absolutely important for this life and for the next... 

11. You just believe because it makes you feel good...

❌ The Objection: 
Sigmund Freud has argued that religious beliefs are human inventions, created to fulfil various psychological and emotional wants or needs.

✅ The Answer: 

Well, yes believing is incredibly powerful - in fact that is even an argument for God being real. 

(Desire Argument & Transformational Argument

This is atheist argument is pretty weak. I mean just because something makes you feel better, does not rule out the possibility of it being real & logical. 

God is simply the logical conclusion of all the evidence we gathered in this universe (Big Bang, Finetuning of The Universe, DNA, Intelligent Design of Living Animals etc.) 

So if there is a God who created all living beings - why wouldn't he plant some seeds of happiness and fulfilment in his creation - in order to give them a hint that they are on the right path? 

Remember God CANNOT reveal himself - he would destroy free will & the free will to love him. So planting hints in many places seems like the best option to help people find their way to truth. 

I certainly did NOT convert to theism (believing in a personal God outside of spacetime) just because it made me feel good - in fact theism initially made me feel worse than the buddhist way (believing in a non-personal energy/consciousness).

Theism made me confront all the wrong doings (sins) I did infront of a perfect & just being. 

That was (and still is) a VERY difficult process & I have to surrender my own ego way more - which again is VERY difficult - but the evidence is too strong for me to ignore it longer...

13. Loving God & Hell?!

So let's talk about the theistic God - a personal being that is outside of spacetime, is all powerful, loving, moral & just, conscious and eternal. 

The concept that I struggled the most with this God is the concept of Hell...

The Objection:

How can an infinitely loving God send people to Hell? That is not loving!

The Answer:

There are multiple directions we can go from here. 

First let's define hell...

The definition of hell is simply the absence of God. 

Meaning the absence of love, light etc. 

Hell could very well be just eternal darkness - nothingness - death. 

Heaven just means reuniting with God. 

A loving God CANNOT force people to spend time with him on earth the same way he cannot force people to force eternity with them in heaven.

That would be hell for people who repell God and rather worship other things. 

So he simply cannot do that but let's people decide themselves. He gives them enough evidence to make a free decision to love and worship him - but he won't force them with things they CANNOT deny. 

In the bible it states clearly - that God wants all to be saved but the power he gave us with our free will restricts him from forcing people to join him again. 

But God is forgiving - the sheer fact that he lets us live eventhough we are full of evil is proof for it every single day. 

There is this catholic idea of purgatory where souls still get a chance after dying to repent their wrong doings and come to God again. 

I have not come to a conclusion my self yet what to believe here - but I accepted one thing for certain - based on the Moral Argument - it is pretty obvious that God is the standard of morality - every time we use standards for good and evil we are indirectly referring to his source of ultimate goodness. 

Therefore I can sleep well knowing God will be just. Which means there won't be a single soul complaining at the end - they will all know it is 100% just and deserved.

In the bible it says the way you judge others is how you will be judged which is also a very nice angle to this topic. 

He might not exclude us from heaven but our weight that we carry within our selves through self judgements of all our wrong doings is keeping us from entering. 

This goes also a little bit into the buddhistic way of resolving all your karma first in order to ascend. 

Either way - "he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened." (Matthew 7:7-11) 

God is loving and forgiving - if you seek him here on earth you will feel this energy so I personally believe if you truly want to seek him with honest repentance he is forgiving - but I don't know for sure of course.

14. Why worship something you cannot see? 

I mean why worship a God who has obviously not so much power here - or limited its power? 

Russel Brand once said - you have two options: 
Either you worship something mundane or you worship something divine. 

I loved that because you might THINK you are not worshiping anything right now but are! 

You are worshipping either your money, house, car, football club, women/men, status, your body or any other mundane thing. 

Something takes your place number #1 and everything from this earth will pass away. It is not a constant thing to hold onto - your body becomes wrinkly - your wife might cheat - your money might be lost - your fame can turn into hate - your house & car can break. 

Worshipping mundane things just make your life chaotic - they give you no hold - they won't be "there for you" in your most isolate alone situations. 

Just the divine will be there - always - forever - was ever - will always be. It is the safest harbour for worship - it will provide infinite direction towards goodness, prosperity, fulfilment and many more great things along the way. 

15. Why do so many people do not believe?

Good question. 

The answer is the are worshipping other Gods than the main one - they might not know it but most people worship the NUMBER 1 false God there is ...

The self... 

The think they are the creators of their own life - living with their own free to satisfy personal, egoistic needs and desires. 

I'm not judging here - I myself worship everyday the self. I have a lot of egoistic driven behavior that I do to gain something personally. 

It feels powerful to accumulate, gain & force my ego upon other people. 

But with a God in the image - I cannot do that anymore - I have to realize that this is pure rebellion against him. 

There is a reason why the original rebellion of humans is described in the garden of eve like this: 

"For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil." (Gen 3:5)

The serpent was the tempering of the ego - tempting humans in being God themselves - not needing a creator. 

God being all loving - lets you in this illusion and won't force you to get to know him. 

But the ultimate problem is YOUR SELF or EGO that does not want to accept that there might be a super powerful being that has everything in his control - your life & mine. 

A being that can judge you, a being that can rule over your own desires & wishes. 

That is a hard thing to swallow and therefore many people choose to ignore the evidence and continue using their free will to realize themselves. 

God gave them the right to do so. 

16. Did Men create God OR God create Men? 

That is probably the question it comes down to in the end right? 

Let's just look at the overall amount of evidence. 

The universe so precisely designed like no watch on earth. Gravity would need to be just 0,000001% different in order for no life to exist at all. 

There are 100 so-called factors that all combine a structure that couldn't be any more fragile. 

And yet here we are... Random? Could be - but the evidence is CLEARLY showing in the direction of design & every design needs a designer. (Not to even mention - the complexity of life itself... which is CLEARLY pointing to design as well) So the universe and biology both point STRAIGHT to a designer.

Is that a man made argument? Yes. Does this mean that there is no designer? No. 

Humans have always tried to find truth about their existence and environment - could it be that we have always known deep in our soul the most important truth of all - with or without science? 

You tell me... 

At this point in time with all the scientific evidence gathered you certainly need more faith to be an atheist than to be a theist because all the evidence is showing into the direction of designer/creator...

(Being an agnostic might be a noble start but not a noble end - at some point you should make your conclusion I believe - if not all the truth searching has no purpose - I would always choose the side with the better evidence)

Final Words 

There is no amount of evidence that will force the belief down your through - God does not want that. 

Faith is something that you have to want. 

You have to be at a point in your life where you are like: 
God I tried it myself and I don't want to anymore... Please take over... 

Truly worshipping God means to put your whole personality & life in his hands. 

It means to try every single day to be more like him - in order to stay connected to him at all times. 

It means sacrificing personal preferences for his will. 

It is extremely hard! I'm still struggling a lot to completely surrender my self into his hands. I still have this rebellion inside of me but the more I surrender to his plan & the more fulfilled I get. 

These few moments of complete bliss & perfection & connection with the divine are worth more than all the goods on this planet combined.

No material thing or any human can EVER fulfill your lasting spiritual desire - we all have that seed planted inside of us - a clue of him that should bring you on the right path - a thirst for more - a thirst for meaning & there is only ONE source that can fill your cup and make it overflow with love, peace, happiness that you simply have to share. 

Go to the source whenever you are ready use these arguments to still your logical sceptical mind but don't stop there - this WON'T get you to the source of bliss - only emotional surrender out of your heart will let the godly energy itself enter inside of you. 

(Any HONEST seekers - who have a few more objections that they TRULY want to overcome? Write me on instagram :)) 


Believing makes you weak. 

 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, influenced by the work of Feuerbach, argued that belief in God and religion are social functions, used by those in power to oppress the working class. According to Mikhail Bakunin, "the idea of God implies the abdication of human reason and justice; it is the most decisive negation of human liberty, and necessarily ends in the enslavement of mankind

Other Points:

What about animal suffering?

Also fair question. I don't know.

Yes there is a natural food chain - but that itself is not necessarily mean by definition.

I mean if there would not be other protein for us to consume - we couldn't exist.

So in order for consciousness to develop to a certain level MAYBE (I don't know for sure) you need to combine lower forms of consciousness as a foundation.

Another argument would be that the most animal suffering is being caused by humans - we are massively destroying their territory - again abusing our free will not to respect the creation of our creator but to destroy it and make it our own.

A death by the natural food chain is pretty fast - but what we are doing regarding plastic & oil waste is just straight torture - same goes for mass animal farms - that is US abusing our free will.

6. Free Will & All-Knowing God...

The Objection:

If God is truly ALL-KNOWING - he knows what I will decide... So how can I have free will?????

The Answer:

Knowing something will happen does not necessarily interfere with the involved will that caused that action to happen.

If you watch a recording of an old football game & you know the end result - does not mean that the players on the field did NOT have a free will that led to that result.

(You would be God in that example and. the players on the field are us on earth here with our free will.)

So YES God is outside of space & time (in the theistic view) and therefore can see the future & past in a very complete way - so in other words he already knows your destiny - your end result - but this does not however interfere with your free will to choose your destiny.

This bible verse says exactly that:

"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing!" (Matthew 23:37)

Even though he wants to gather the children of Jerusalem together - meaning even though he wants to best possible outcome for you - he cannot force them if they are not willing.

Because using force would be against his nature of being loving. 

❌ The Objection:

God is all powerful - why doesn't he stop all these evil people then?

✅ The Answer:

Ok but what about natural errors like deseases & such?

Fair question. I don't know. My belief is that we live in a fallen world. A world that is broken, full of problems & suffering.

The purpose of all this suffering is hard to see but in most suffering there is a hidden growth that the person can gain from it. At the end this body has to die anyway - so in a way suffering of the body forces you to let the body go. Plus we simply do not see the ripple effect of so-called "negative" events. A negative event could easily turn out to be super positive and impactful in the long run - we just can't see that always immediately. That is where trust in God really becomes crucial. Real trust in God is not needed when everything goes well but when everything seems unfair, unjust and just negative. These are the times where your faith either grows or gets destroyed. Some see that as tests of your faith....

Another argument that atheists like to use is the imperfect design. How can a perfect creator make imperfect designs?

I cannot give you an ultimate answer but I do want to point out that in order to know what a BAD design even means we would have to know the purpose of that design - which is something we simply do not know - maybe everything is fitting exactly the way it should be fitting?


To conclude:

Cliff Knechtle did say once - God limited his power in this physical universe for us to have free will.

If he would be all powerful preventing all evil - we wouldn't exist & if we would we certainly wouldn't have freedom. Ultimate Love gives all the freedom in the world & won't force you into a relationship EVER.

So in short he allows evil because he is loving - he wants real love to exist and that can only exist with free will. 



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