God Is The Logical Conclusion - If You Want It Or Not...

Ok let me just say this is going to take some time here - I've tried to sum up the most compelling logical arguments for God that I've collected over the last few years into one big summary. 

I would have been soooooo happy if I had had this article a few years ago - it would have saved me a TON of thoughts in the wrong direction - a ton of pain & mistakes. That is why I truly believe you should take this opportunity to cut your spiritual journey in half with me today. 

I can promise you if you take this seriously and let the seeds that will be planted today grow - you will end up with God 100% of the time. 

He is inevitable. 

There is no way around him & spiritual awakening is the most ecstatic & amazing experience anyone will ever have in their life - it will feel like infinity knocking on your door - infinite love, peace, happiness & freedom. 

I sincerely hope you will get there yourself and see the light - but it is only possible with a truly empty cup. 

You need to open your heart and brain to new perspectives - stopping that voice that wants to discredit everything immediately. 

Quiet that voice and give these seeds a chance to grow and THEN only then see yourself if you think this is true or not. 

1) The Big Bang

I couldn't put it better than Pete Holmes in this amazing short:

How could NOTHING be the reason for suddenly everything to exist?!?!?!

That is not logical at all.

This is also referred to as the first cause argument & for me personally, it was the argument that pretty much opened my mind to the idea of a cause of the universe (and therefore God) again - because it is REALLY hard to argue against it.

The argument goes like this: 

Whatever begins to exist has to have A CAUSE.

➡️ The Universe began to exist

➡️ Therefore, the Universe had a cause.

So we know that there was a cause for this Universe.

This cause would have to be: 

1. Outside of Space & Time (in order to create space & time) aka INFINITE

2. Incredibly Powerful (in order to create so much out of nothing) 

3. Personal (in order to make the conscious decision to create rather then not create - lifeless matter cannot decide consciously anything - only a personal "mind" can do so) 

I don't know about you but the description of this PURELY logical based cause of the universe sounds a lot like God to me...

Pantheism vs Theism

Ok so, we need something that itself has no cause like a starting point from which everything else emerges - something that has been unchanged ever since.

God IS that uncaused cause/being!

He was/is/always will be. 

He is infinity himself because he is NOT operating in space & time.

❓But who created God❓

God CREATED space & time.

He is outside of space & time therefore HE DOES NOT have a timeline with a beginning & end...

He is outside of time - thus he always was/is and always will be.

(More hard questions about God are discussed here: Arguments Against God - Debunked)


To summarize this chapter

Everything that begins to exist needs a cause. 
The Universe began to exist ergo it needs a cause.

➡️ NOTHING is not a cause!!! It is completely illogical to take on this side of the argument there is a cause if you deny it - you deny causality itself which is the basis of all of the modern science you see. 

Ok, nice so there is a cause - that is pretty logic what characteristics would this cause need? 

Outside of spacetime, powerful, purposeful with and intent to create & intelligent to create such a perfect design

2) Nature - The Intelligent Designer

The so-called "Design Argument" - is with the Big Bang the most convincing argument for a creator I've ever seen - it helped me tremendously to awaken myself! 

Again I can't explain it better than the amazing mind of Cliff Knechtle: 

I heard years ago from that German astrophysicist the fine-tuning of this universe is SOOOOOO precise that it resembles putting 26 razor blades on top of each other on a table and balancing them out. 

(because of the 26 natural laws) 

Try putting ONE razor blade on your table and balance it!!! 

That alone is sooooooooo difficult - it seems impossible! Now imagine putting 25 more on top of it!!!! 

Patrick Breitenstein 13

That is how perfectly well the universe is balanced out - here is an AMAZING reel from ImBegger YouTube Channel:

It took me years to process this argument... 

But when it finally hit - it hit deep. 

If you would see a watch on the floor, wouldn't you assume there was an intelligent mind behind the watch - a watch maker? Or would you believe that the watch assembled itself randomly by natural forces? 

Think about it...

And this universe - including this earth is like the best watch anyone has ever created you can't change just a tiny bit or the whole watch wouldn't work anymore...

Universe is like a Clock that points to intelligent design

I mean this argument makes a designer sooooo obvious. 

Nobody would think a watch just assembled itself randomly by the natural forces of the wind..... - intelligent design always points to a intelligent designer behind it - every law needs a law giver...

I felt like I was blind for my whole life & now I can finally see...

But when you understand that & when you really open your eyes - you will see his signature everywhere!!! 

The whole nature around you - everything looks like a painting of a painter that is beyond our understanding - he paints in 3D - moving art - uses atoms as his paint strokes. 

Without even going into the DNA - which looks like a program code itself - there needs to be a Coder. 

And I'm not even going to talk about the signature he left in our DNA - the coder left a hint! 

Nature is just an absolute symphony & YOU are part of it! 

Is God Consciousness

3) YOU 

Your Consciousness

(art by lars_pohlmann)

If you haven't read it - read the article Awaken - You are your Consciousness 

The fact that you have (are) consciousness is a strong indicator of God! 


This refers to the so-called argument from consciousness which claims YOUR consciousness CANNOT be explained by just random physical mechanisms of the human body and brain. 

Being aware of this is NOT just atoms clashing against each other - there is more to it...

Thoughts are not material - or can you tell me the cm size of a thought or its weight? 

Thoughts and consciousness is non-material. (in other words - spiritual)

Science does NOT have an answer here! 

It's crazy science can explain so much - but science CANNOT explain how we are aware of all this... 

They have guesses...But guess what...

Consciousness could be your bridge directly linked to God himself!!!

Consciousness Argument Theism

(I believe it to be based on good arguments - read God is Consciousness for more)

The complexity of the first life on earth is breath-taking. 

Out of (again) NOTHING some say that the DNA assembled itself. 

The amount of structured information in the form of specific commands on what to do of just the simplest life is equal to roughly 1,000 encyclopaedias in the english language. 

Think about it... 

If you would find 1,000 encyclopaedias lying around would you believe an intelligent mind created them - a writer? 

Or would you believe that a printer shop exploded and by chance they structured itself perfectly well into thousands of pages with no major error...

I mean............ That doesn't look random to me - does it to you?

Theism Proof Cell complexity

You are even more complex than that - you have millions of organisms working together at the same time to keep you alive. 

Here your white blood cells - chasing bacteria in your body to keep you healthy every day:

To summarize:

1️⃣ Your consciousness is non-material aka spiritual in nature.

That is a very sound argument for the existence of a spiritual realm!
I believe when the bible said "So God created man in his own image" it is not a reference to his physical body - but to his own unlimited consciousness that created this whole universe out of nothing with infinite creativity. 

(creativity literally means the ability to create something NEW & original... sounds like creator energy to me)

2️⃣ Even the simplest life is as complex as 1,000 encyclopaedias with perfectly structured information, you are way more complex than that - that points clearly to a writer of these information strings. 


I am convinced that God has or is PURE Consciousness himself (as explained here) & therefore it only makes sense that if we access our own consciousness we are accessing his source. 

Determinists believe that everything is just a logical chain - nothing truly NEW ever emerges.

But creativity is proving them wrong - new things can & do emerge all the time & God is the only answer.

Creativity needs a source - a source that is providing you with new things - things that are not here - never have been.. 

Simple logic chains CANNOT do that...

So if you access your creativity you access your creator energy & are connected directly to the source, the creator himself by doing so. (That is what I believe!) 

That is why we are little creators ourselves, building houses, paintings, etc.

We have (I believe) a tiny spark of godly energy in us...

Can you imagine how unlimited creator energy & consciousness would look like? 


(art by brando_psd)

4) Natural Desire

All humans have desires. 

You have thirst 💦 - there is water to still your thirst. 

You are hungry 🍞 - there is food. 

You are looking for reproduction ❤️ - there is sex. 

All desires of all animals have a source that can still their desire - that is the reason why they emerged in the first place...

This means your inner longing for something bigger - eternal life - God IS the proof of the existence of the source - if not the desire would not have emerged in the first place!

➡️ Where there is a natural desire - there is a natural source. 

& to still your spiritual desire - you need to seek the spirit of spirits... 

You are Spirit

(art by bradleysnookart)

He left that tiny voice inside you - says the trademark argument - we all have it, it is like his signature something to remind you where you came from and where you are going after this human experience.

We are NOT human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

(Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)

I love this argument! So you are reading this blog article RIGHT NOW just for your thirst for spiritual answers, & yet this very thirst is the PROOF of the existence of the source itself... 

5) Purpose

What's the purpose of rain? 💦 -> To grow the plants, right? 

What's the purpose of plants? 🍀 -> To provide air, right?

What's the purpose of air? 💨 -> For creatures to breathe, right? 

A chain of purpose HAS to lead to an ultimate purpose, if not it does NOT make sense. 

Let me explain. 

If we don't have a purpose - the air wouldn't have a purpose, the plants & rain wouldn't have one neither! 

That belief system is called nihilism

Just BTW people who are stuck in the darkness of nothingness of nihilism are some of the saddest people I've ever seen in my life - they look insanely empty inside (so was I, when I was far away from God...) if you struggle to find your way out of that - write me on Instagram... I will try to help you see the light & love of life...

We can mostly all agree that rain has a purpose for this planet - but we have to understand what that really means!!!

Definition of purpose:

"The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists."

(art by 01000101_01100111_01101111)

In order for ANY purpose to exist there needs to be a purpose giver! 

A being that created things WITH AN INTENT & REASON.

We might not understand that reason all the time - but if you feel that things around you look like they have a certain purpose - you are getting closer to the source of all purpose - the ultimate purpose - God himself. 

5) Moral & Good

➡️ Is murder better or worse than hugging someone?

I know this sounds like a joke, but it's a serious question!

I know you think duhhh... murder is worse.


If nothing would have any purpose murder would be exactly the same as a hug...

Nothing matters - there is no ultimate goal we can strive towards so murder wouldn't get us further away from anything - pain is meaningless, happiness is meaningless - it would ALL be the same. 

Let that sink in for a moment. 

Without purpose - Good and Bad do NOT EXIST. 

Meaning without a God - ultimate Good and Bad do not EXIST. 

Argument from Morality Theism

I hear your question already: 

Couldn't you say what doesn't hurt anyone is good & what hurts other people is bad? 

(Do you know who was the FOUNDER of modern ethics like that?...... Jesus of Nazareth himself! He was the first one to introduce the concept of loving thy neighbor like yourself - and the bible stated that we are all created equal in the image of God. So if you argue with modern ethics like that - you are pretty much using the truths that JESUS gave us in order to prove that Jesus is wrong... Read my summary on The Genius of Jesus for more on that...)  

Ok, let's take that as a valid argument anyway... 

You still need a scale of what is good and what is bad. To measure different scenarios against each other, agreed? 

Ok perfect, let's define that scale! 

1) What is ultimate bad?

2) What is ultimate good?

Let's look around us - can you find something that is THE DEFINITION of ultimate good in this world? 

I cannot! Everything is far of from being perfect here...

(Maybe Love... That brings us to The Argument of Love

But nothing in this world really seems to be fit for the actual definition of ultimate good... 

It is a concept that is nearly from another utopian world ...

A supernatural realm... 

The spiritual realm? 

The Argument from Good Morality about God

God is the definition of the ultimate good - perfection - pure love - pure forgiveness - pure consciousness - pure truth. He is the top of the scale - he is the direction towards the scale is directing to... 

So when you listen closely to all of your inner voices - there is one, that some call the higher self, that wants you to go in the direction of good, truth, love, forgiveness, openness, belief, and more. 

This inner voice is what I believe is the mark that God left you with, something you should hang on to. 

An echo of his voice, calling you to get closer to him again. 

When I pray I talk but also LISTEN a lot what this quiet but always present inner voice has to say - it guided me towards a better life - and so will yours, I'm sure of it. 

Just be open and try it. 

God is Good

(art by rooovie)

This is a really good video explaining the moral argument: 

7) Who are You to say that...

I just want to humble you & my own inner critic a little bit here in this chapter with the so-called majority argument.

The belief in the existence of a supernatural power that gave us our life has been around since humans have been around... 

There have been guesses that there have been around 117 billion humans have been born so far. 

The VAST majority of them believed in a supernatural power guiding life - in other words, GOD. 

The most brilliant minds ever to exist have thought about these topics FOR AGES and the majority of them came all to the same conclusion - there is a GOD here just to name a few: Socrates, Plato, Isaac Newton, Michelangelo, Albert Einstein, Johann Sebastian Bach, Beethoven, Goethe, Kepler, Dante, Shakespeare.

Geniuses Believe in God

(image source: bibilium)

In fact many of the brightest scientists become theists themselves after seeking their representative field for long enough....

Also called the sincere seeker argument - which states exactly THAT - if you seek with an open mind - you will inevitably end up with God.

That is my experience as well - I've just tried to find myself - but I found God instead... (because he is the only truth...) 


So to conclude this chapter with a few humbling words...

I thought I was smart when I argued against Jesus & God back then - who was I?!? 

One out of 117 billion to know ANYTHING with my little years of life experience? 

If I look at it now I'm ashamed of my arrogance...

Who was I & who are you to be so insanely bold in our statements about God if the majority of humans have found it to be different?!

There have been absolute geniuses before us who bowed before God, they have discussed the topic for centuries & have devoted their whole life to it...

So when we arrive here on this planet we should AT LEAST approach the topic with a little bit of humbleness... don't you think? 

8) Love

Love is Infinite

(image source: peakpx)

Remember the uncaused cause of the Big Bang

There has to be a cause that itself has not a cause - like a beginning of beginnings. 

Guess what is THE ONLY thing in this entire world that can happen without any cause whatsoever. 

Pure love. 

There is no reason for it. 

It hurts. It puts people in horrible situations voluntarily. Simple "rational evolution" DOES NOT account for truly unconditional love. 

I'm not talking about you loving your girlfriend until she does something that you don't like... That is affection, mostly even driven by sexual desire...


The sacrificial love of people like Mother Teresa or other incredible beings who act with ZERO self-interest...

NO reason - NO cause.

In other words - God is uncaused and the only other thing that is uncaused is unconditional love - ergo GOD IS LOVE. 

I used to cringe back then a little when people said God really loves you...

But to understand that GOD IS LOVE changed everything for me. 

& deep inside of you - that unconditional love you have for everyone - the world - the people - everything - that IS GOD inside of you - his energy - his being inside of you - every single day - wherever you go - you have him right at the center of your heart. 

Now it all makes sense...

You can love someone from a distance, right? 

So can God - Love is NOT bound to space or time!!! It is infinite because the source is! 

One of my favorite songs - gave me a whole other depth to that topic:

The human love which is arguably the most beautiful thing on this planet is just a tiny tiny drop of the love of God - who is the source of it. 

Human Love

(art by Alex Grey Sea Love)

9) Transformative Argument 

I have seen it myself. Believing in God changes people dramatically.

I have struggled with insecurities, a superiority complex, anxiety attacks & a p*rn addiction that I simply could NOT get rid of. 

After starting to pray to God EVERYTHING changed at a speed that is not comprehendible

I have talked to a psychologist before, have read COUNTLESS books & courses on personal development, and have been deep into New Age Spirituality but NOTHING comes even close to the speed of my transformation after opening up to God... 

God Helps

(art by Joseph Cantin)

I'm not the only one - I have seen it in friends - who have been introverted, insecure, and deeply depressed about life changing their whole character in such a short period of time - that it leaves me in awe...

This is called the transformative argument - because I have experienced the supernatural power that comes when you start to believe. 

This is a very strong subjective argument for me & I would love for you to experience it as well. 

A range of studies (including ones by Robert Wuthnow, Andrew Greeley, Mathes, and Kathleen Nobel) show that experiences related to God - in other words believing in God has an amazing & LONG-LASTING positive effect in the areas of mental AND PHYSICAL health. Being closer to God provides one with a compass for one's own life.  

(Here is a whole article on all the health benefits of believing in God. It is crazy!) 

So let me make a relation between the transformative argument and the trademark/desire argument from above. 

Could it be that God has left a clue deep inside of us of his existence? 

Could it be that we get to experience that clue when we start to believe in him? 

Could it be that God truly changes the world every day - but not in the physical realm but performing miracles inside of us?

Could it be that he left a spark of paradise inside of you and me - something we should discover and remember again? 

Gods Spark

Personal Experiences 

I don't want to talk a lot here about personal experiences with God because they usually get discredited as hallucinations. 

(I was one of the people who thought that as well, now I'm more open & don't pretend like I have all the answers anymore...)

It is remarkable though HOW MANY people have had very intimate encounters with spiritual beings - let it be angels, Holy Mary, Jesus, or God himself. 

It is evidence even though not objective - the sheer amount of encounters is something you simply cannot ignore when exploring this topic! 

One of THE MOST fascinating stories you can read in my opinion is near death OR actual death experiences - what do people experience when / after dying? 

If this article hasn't made you more open to the idea of an eternal being - then these stories certainly will! 

Absolute MUST READ - really. Impacted me very deeply. Life After Life

10) The Bible 

The bible is arguably the MOST important book in human history... Even though it is quite hard to read. 
(You can watch The Chosen instead of reading the new testament to get an good entry point :)) 

This book is an absolute masterpiece and one could argue it is beyond anything that humans could do by themselves. (I do believe so...) 

Screenshot 2024 03 30 at 11.09.17

Some say the bible has 63,779 others say 340,000 cross references. 

It is all combined into one story - the story of God & Jesus Christ. 

But now comes the part that is really leaving me speechless...

The Bible is not just one book but it is a library of 66 different books, written by 40 different men over 3 continents

But wait - over a span of 1500 years & in 3 different languages. 

It is absolutely amazing to think these were people who didn't know each other - yet all these different texts are all combined into one story - the most impactful event in human history. 

Jesus Christ & his resurrection. 

This lets one think if it really was humans who created that book or God speaking through them - in order to give humanity a guideline that will transform their life in a positive, truthful, loving direction...


"All scripture is given by inspiration of God" (2 Timothy 3:16-17)


Besides these stunning and breathtaking facts about the bible (not even to mention all the prophecies that were written in there - that turned out to be correct!) 

To live a life according to the bible - is simply a good life. 

If we all all obey the bible more - we would be closer to heaven as a society.

But also as an individual, I feel so much healthier, happier, fuller & a better version of myself - after starting to follow scripture more...

Sin will lead you to a bad life - guaranteed. 

Take a look at this short here: 

Final Words 

I do believe in God but that was not always the case - I thought I was smarter than religious people who just follow in blind faith and I think many people think like that nowadays. 

They think believing in God is somewhat something for uneducated people. That could not be further from the truth... The most brilliant minds come to the same conclusion & so I was deeply humbled by these arguments myself... 

I simply COULD NOT deny the fact that the existence of God is far more likely because there is a lot of evidence pointing in that direction.

Something deep inside of me always knew & I suppose inside of you as well. This is all too perfect to be random and for no reason whatsoever. 

I hope I have helped you on your own personal journey to get back closer to the source of everything. 

It is perhaps the most exciting thing on earth to start walking around and seeing his signature in virtually everything there is. 

There is nothing that fulfills your soul more... 


BTW, this is not everything, you could probably continue forever - because he is infinite... 

But these are the things that influenced me a lot. 

If this helped you send it to another sincere seeker :) 









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