Spiritual Ego - What Is It & How I Plan To Transcend It

What Is A "Spiritual Ego"? 

A spiritual ego is when a person identifies their personality with their advance, knowledge, or behavior in the realm of spirituality. When used this term is mostly combined with feelings of superiority towards others due to the spiritual advancement.

(NOT to confuse with: "What means an ego generally in the realm of spirituality?" More on that topic here.) 

Signs Of A Spiritual Ego? 

A spiritual ego (or feeling of superiority) is super subtle.

The spiritual ego will try everything to hide its existence from the person having it (& others around it).

Because becoming aware of it would risk the dissolving of the self, which is to be avoided at all cost!!

Dissolving yourself is the so-called "ego death" and even though it has nothing to do with dying and everything to do with becoming truly alive, the concept is super scary for many parts inside of you, therefore these parts try to attach themselves to anything they can grab. 

(Basically like a survival mechanism of the ego.) 

A person with a spiritual ego will tell themselves that the have "no ego"... That makes it so dangerous

They think they've transcended it already so any feedback will just be blocked off and seen as the feedback of an "unaware being".

Behavior of a person with Spiritual Ego: 

😌 Act like they know everything (but don't behave like it tho)

😌 Think in "Black & White" terms (not in non-duality

😌 Want to earn (secretly) approval for their spiritual behavior

😌 Feel superior towards other people (shines through sometimes)

How Can You Transcend It? 

Well here is the deal... 


I'm trying to transcend it currently, so I thought why not share my plan with you 🤷🏻‍♂️

How MY spiritual ego started...

Well, I guess you would need to read my spiritual journey to understand it completely, but here is the short summary: 

I was not spiritual at all but interested in the topic, went deeper and deeper into it while seeing more and more "truths" that I simply couldn't ignore anymore.

I had a few high peaks in my consciousness and felt like I connected to God, the Universe, the All, Love, and Unity, and from there on I was convinced I saw it enough to consider myself "further ahead" in the spiritual journey than most of the people around me. 

So my identity slowly shifted from a "business ego", "gym & muscle ego", "being good with girls ego" and "moral superiority ego" to a "spiritual ego". 

How MY spiritual ego was affecting MY life negatively

I started to see everyone around me as "lower" on the consciousness scale.

Consciousness Scale David Hawkins 1

And even if there is some truth to it that most people walk absolutely blind through their life, it was the feeling of superiority that made the ego toxic. 😕

I have not used my spirituality simply to help others transcend as well. 


I enjoyed the gap between us. 

I enjoyed knowing things that they didn't know. 

Of course, this was not 100% of the time like this! 

Like always there are many parts at work here and other healthy parts just tried to share my experience in a genuine way to help others up, but there was certainly also this part of the spiritual ego that enjoyed its position.  

But yeah, negative consequences were mostly happening inside my friend circle. 

There was this strong competitive force inside of me to dominate them in the realm of spirituality and strong competition between people that should help each other up is never good!

(Btw, they were also the ones who have made me aware of how big this ego has grown... Thank God) 

So yeah, if you feel like in any way that this is you, then I highly suggest you keep reading, so you and me, we both let this thing go in order to be truly aligned again :) 

How I am planning to release MY spiritual ego

Whenever I want to "change" (heal) a part of myself, I always follow a pretty similar pattern. 

Step #1 - Unblending from the part

The first step is to so-called "unblend" from the part. I have to realize again - this is NOT ME. 

There are thoughts that want to make me believe that that is my identity but I AM NOT MY THOUGHTS. 

I am the AWARENESS listening to them and I can make decisions (free will) to change their direction and the overall course of action. 

This is a hard step btw, but if you have a spiritual ego, this is not the first time you unblend/transcend from parts of your personality. 

If you have absolutely no clue what I'm talking about here read these articles first: 

- Inner Parts 

- Who Am I? 

Step #2 - Building Awareness 

After unblending you can start to build awareness over this part of yourself. Now you see also what I meant with unblending is crucial because if you 100% identify with that part you cannot be an objective observer and you won't really improve anything!

So, I just try to watch myself more carefully in order to really understand the way the part is behaving, what is triggering the part, etc...

Step #3 - Find the Cause 

After I've observed the thinking & behavior pattern for a while, I start to do a parts-meditation

So I go deep into the subconsciouses mind and start digging. 

I try to find the underlying REASON/CAUSE for this behavior, 

- What is this part protecting? 

- What is this part afraid of? 

- How could I unburden this part? 


Step #4 - Unburden it 

After having found the underlying motive I can then truly put my energy towards unburdening the part from its heavy duty. 

I take the responsibility away from the part and carry it as the leading self. 

Plus I involve the big SELF, the ALL, the EVERYTHING, and ask for help to unburden the felt responsibility. 

Currently, I am also trying to find my way back to Jesus & man it is helping a lot to have faith in him for he has already taken all the burden of all our sins - and yes, feeling superior is a sin... 

(Read Luke 18:10-14 if you are interested in a nice example for this.) 

Here is a great video that I'm currently using a lot to unburden in a Christian way. 

That is pretty much the whole process :)  

SPECIFICALLY to let go of my spiritual ego I plan to do the following: 

1) Humbleness, Humbleness, Humbleness 

Well... Easier said than done... but I try to remind myself now every day to be TRULY humble.

(and not just to act like it...😅) 

Things I repeat in my head: 

💬 "The only thing I know is: I know NOTHING."

💬 "I am a sinner. I will never be perfect."

💬 "I can learn from EVERYBODY something."

💬 "I still have a lot of issues and things to let go of."

💬 "I saw not even a tiny tiny fraction of the whole truth."


So yeah, wish me luck that I stay humble, especially after starting this blog here again...

I really have to pay attention to the pitfalls that are awaiting me... 

(Keep me accountable if you think I fell off the way...)

2) Deal with my doubts  

The real reason for this spiritual ego was that I simply was NOT as far as I wanted to be in spirituality 

(funny enough, right? The ego is mostly compensating...) 

Anyway, so I did realize a huge amount of doubt coming up when I unblended

I pretty much suppressed that doubt because my spiritual ego wouldn't allow it to come up... 

(because a person who is far ahead in spirituality can't have doubts, right?) 

So yeah, I have doubts and I try to release them all and listen to them in a meditation/prayer

(It's kind of funny, but after releasing them authentically - meaning after really "fighting" with god - I mostly feel closer & more connected than ever... So I highly recommend NOT to suppress them!)  

3) Talk openly about this topic

I wanted to start this re-launch of my blog with a story of my self

But after strolling around this evening in our tiny closed-off neighborhood here in Mexico I realized how WRONG that would be... 

Starting yet again with another exaggerated hero story of myself...

"Hey, here I am - super advanced in spirituality listen to me now - I'm a teacher".

I'm SUPER glad I could surrender and just open up here and show my flaws in the very first post!

This should serve as a foundation for all the future content I plan in the realm of spirituality, philosophy, and more. 


A spiritual ego can be a sort of safety mechanism for a person in order not to fall into complete "nothingness/everythingness"...

(That is what would happen if you TRULY had no ego anymore and would feel awakened.) 

That is too scary!!! 

So in order for yourself to feel satisfied in the realm of spirituality it simply develops this mechanism that lets you think you are already far ahead of everybody else.

The spiritual ego is especially smart in hiding itself and it is a hard thing to notice. 

But you can always ask yourself: Do I feel superior because of XY? 
If so you have the unhealthy traits of an ego in yourself and you should probably let it go... 

Well, that is at least how I see things. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Feel free to comment if you don't agree, even though I do not have a lot of time to read them, at least other people will know your thoughts on this :) 


Hope you enjoyed this post :) 

I don't have a real way to follow my content yet - no newsletter or so. So if you want to read my next piece I guess just come back to my blog :D 

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