Does God Have PURE Consciousness? - Philosophical Breakdown

I've had since a long time an inner strive to combine all religions into one. 

I have tried to do so mentally since the last year or so reading books about consciousness and Eastern philosophy but also started to read the bible and books about Jesus. 

I'm surely NOT finished in any way but there is one idea that cycling through my mind since it just hit something so deep - that when I first saw this it left me in complete awe and ecstasy. 

That's why I just felt super inspired to share that insight with you. 

The conclusions that I draw here are a few of the major arguments that have made me spiritual again after having lost the connection to God for far too long.

So be aware you might gonna get a few deep thoughts here - if you stay open-minded the result of them could be quite fascinating. 

What is Consciousness? 

I had to look up a few definitions about it but put simply the best definition for this case would be that:

Consciousness it the quality or state of being aware of something within oneself or of an external object, state, or fact.

But wait... 

What does it even mean to be aware? What is awareness? 

Awareness is the state of knowing something.

To sum up: 

Consciousness is a state of knowing oneself and/or knowing external objects, states, or other things. 

Ok cool, let's work with that for now! 

What is God? 

Is God Consciousness

Well, that is the question, right? Of course, there are many different people with different opinions, experiences, and faiths on this planet. They all believe in "a different" God - at least so it looks like...

I surely don't have the answer but most religions have a pretty similar God meaning their God possesses mostly these core attributes: 

Core Attributes of God in Most Religions:

- Creator/Creative Energy

- Powerful & Knowledgeable

- Eternal & Infinite

- Moral & Just

- Omnipresent / Transcended

- Supernatural 

(This is of course NOT a full list here! If you have another attribute - please share it in the comments :))

So for this argumentation, it does not matter if you believe God to be personal like the Abrahamic God (Islam, Judaism, Christianity) or if you believe simply in the "unpersonal" power of the Universe. 

Both possess these attributes. 

How could they both be linked?

How on earth could consciousness (something you and I possess) be deeply ingrained into the nature of God?

Creativity = Creator Energy 

Unlimited Creativity

1) More Consciousness = More Creativity 

I think the argument can be made that more consciousness leads to more creativity. 

I mean at least we can all agree that an unconscious being is very limited in its capability to be creative

Unconscious beings usually just follow their instincts, automatic programs that are fixed by nature. 

The higher the consciousness is the more options a being can choose from thus the more creativity can emerge. 

Sold on that point? 


2) Creator Energy

Now let's look at YOUR CREATIVITY. 

Have you ever thought about something first and then created it in real life? 

That was creative energy - you acted as the creator of something!

(I'm doing it right now with this blog post - first just thoughts in my mind then text you can read - that is creation - content creation in that case...) 

Ok but let's think about this for a second. 

What is happening? I mean first there is nothing. Then there is a thought, we wrestle with the thought, plan it all out then we act and we create something - pretty much out of thin air a new creation emerges. 

Only a high level of consciousness can do that. You have to know yourself and the external to shape it like that - agreed? 

No, imagine a being or energy that is 100% pure consciousness. It knows everything at the same time. 

It therefore has unlimited access to creativity - UNLIMITED. 

Meaning it could create out of just a single thought an entire universe in a mere second (the big bang). 

It could form the most complex creatures (us) in the blink of an eye. 

It creates pretty much anything & everything at once...

Powerful & Knowledgeable

1) Knowledge = Power

Have you ever heard the term knowledge is power? 

I mean it does make sense, if you know things that nobody else knows you do have more leverage and therefore power over people - makes sense? 

Knowledge and consciousness are pretty closely intertwined! 

After all the definition was summed up as: Consciousness knows oneself and knows external things. 

Intrinsically consciousness or the state of consciousness just knows... 

And infinite consciousness would therefore know everything - that ever happened and ever will happen. 

The infinite knowledge of all things makes infinite consciousness infinitely powerful. 

2) Creator Energy (Creativity) = Power 

We have just talked about how infinite consciousness could create and collapse whole worlds in just a blink of an eye... 

What could be more powerful than that?!?!

Eternal / Infinite

Infinite Consciousness

1) Consciousness has no (known) LIMIT

We have yet to discover the limit of consciousness

It is similar to the temperature scale.

We know for sure there is an absolute zero (0 kelvin) but there is no maximum discovered yet. 

In the traditional theoretical sense (without quantum mechanics) temperature has no maximum and therefore the scale could go infinitely up. 

I think consciousness is pretty similar!  

We all agree on the absolute zero in consciousness - complete darkness & unawareness would be - simply the state of NOTHING

Nothing can't know anything or have any awareness - because it is nothing - 0. 

Ok and then there is something. That is the beginning of the consciousness scale - things start to interact and become increasingly aware of each other - thus the rise in consciousness.

The more aware these things become of themselves and external things the higher the consciousness. 

We do know that there is a zero and that there is a scale but we DO NOT know the limit! 

We are currently the species with the highest consciousness on the planet. 

Who is to know that there is not an alien species with 100 X more consciousness than us? 

Who is to say that there is not a being/energy/state with literally an amount of consciousness we could not even comprehend? 

As the temperature can always rise why shouldn't consciousness? 

Even in our life, it seems that it does not stop EVER. Every day we learn something new - we become more aware - and more conscious. Humanity always gains more knowledge and thus expands its consciousness here on Earth (plus soon on other planets maybe??)

We simply do not know if there is a limit but we do know it expands in humanity, in yourself, and also the universe self expands - so the argument that consciousness is always expanding and growing is pretty solid!

2) Consciousness CAN NOT DIE 

Consciousness itself is a state but it is not to be confused with the being that is tapping into it (YOU). 

The being that is accessing the state can die and is mortal but the state itself? 


Even if there would be no living being tapping into that higher realm of consciousness the state itself would still be there. Another beautiful manifestation of why consciousness is not finite. 


Omnipresent Consciousness

Ok, so the state of consciousness or the level of consciousness is not known to be finite. 

But is it limited by space? Surely it is right? 

Well, think about it, if you and another person tap into the same thought/knowledge at the same time on the globe - one could say you tapped into the same level of consciousness at the same time.

This means the stat itself is NOT limited by space or time for that matter. 

But let's go even further than that - the state is a mere concept but what about the ACTUAL consciousness itself could it be that consciousness itself is omnipresent by definition? 

Let me tell you about the Nobel prize-winning mathematician Roger Penrose who is one of the leaders in the theory of quantum consciousness

He and other scientists (even though the theory is NOT widely accepted yet) believe that consciousness is more likely a quantum field that your brain can tap into with little things inside of your neurons - instead of something the brain inherently produces. 

It's a hard pill to swallow (and you don't even have to for this whole argument to make sense) but it certainly expands the horizon of this possible reality! 

An omnipresent field? Is everywhere at the same time? Mind mind-breaking for me... 

Moral / Just

Kingdom of God

The Universe (through the natural balance of Karma), the Abrahamic God, and other God images often seem to encompass morality, justice, and higher values like that. 

Well, that must be the thing that is parting God from the simple state of consciousness right?

Well... Let me tell you why there is a strong connection between morals & the level of consciousness. 

Let's start in the animal kingdom. 

Apes have been shown to have the ability to have a basic understanding of fairness & unfairness.

Which is remarkable! 

For a long time, we have thought that only humans can possess values in that realm. 

Apes are arguably one of the species with the highest consciousness on the planet and for me, this is an indicator that rising consciousness brings higher values with it - nearly automatically.

But when we start to look at humans the point becomes even more clear. 

Imagine three different humans with different levels of consciousness: 

1) 2-year-old child 

2) 16-year-old teenager 

3) 36-year-old adult 

All of the 3 see an item they desire but it does not belong to them. 

2-year-old: The 2-year-old child has not yet comprehended the concept of ownership, lacks complete awareness in that area, and with this unawareness would simply take the desired item.

16-year-old: The 16-year-old teenager knows that taking something that does not belong to you is seen as wrong by society and therefore as a level of awareness about the situation. He still might take it to show his rebellion. But he only does that because he has not fully seen all the possible negative consequences this could have for his life. If he was all aware and conscious he would see that I would do more damage than do good and probably not steal it. 

36-year-old: He is aware of the outcomes of his actions - has seen it many times and naturally goes with the best solution for everyone involved (including him). So he acts with higher values one could say - which is directly linked to the level of awareness/consciousness he has. 

You see? 

The older we get (usually) the more morally aligned we become because we are more consciously aware of the consequences of things. 

I sometimes even go so extreme as to say that every bad action that happened only happens because awareness/consciousness was missing. 

That's a bit extreme but I'm yet to be convinced about the opposite...

This would go too far for this post but if you know yourself & everyone around you - you will naturally choose the best option for everyone involved - everything else would be illogical

The point is - the more consciousness a being has the more it will INEVITABLY be morally aligned. 


Supernatural God

Is consciousness supernatural or not? 

Well, let's look at the definition of supernatural first. 

(a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.

Well now look here... Science does NOT have a conclusion on the existence of consciousness yet! 

There are theories but no one has proven anything yet (as of my understanding, correct me if wrong)

Another definition I like for supernatural is simply out of the order of natural things. 

I mean when you look at humans they seem to be supernaturally in comparison to the rest of the natural world, don't they? They are so far above anything under them that it is nearly difficult to see the relationship between us and the animal kingdom sometimes.

So you could say that our development in our consciousness was definitely out of order and therefore supernatural.

So yes, I do believe you can make the argument that consciousness is indeed supernatural. 


I'm not here to tell you who is God but I want to point out that if you believe in a God it is pretty likely that he is highly intertwined with consciousness, either he possesses a lot of it (perhaps infinite) or he even is pure consciousness himself and therefore is creative, loving (high morals) and omnipresent. 

I don't know the answer but I can tell you what I believe.

I believe God possesses infinite consciousness. 

I believe he did create the universe in the blink of an eye with just a thought - something we call the Big Bang.

I believe he did create the most complex species through a process now known as "evolution".

I believe he is the creative energy behind everything and he is keeping everything aligned the way it is, the perfection of the DNA, the laws of physics, and everything you can see is just a reflection of his infinite genius & creator force. 

I think we were created in his image like the Bible says, but not in the way that we look like God but that we can access consciousness like God does (just way less).

 We are little creators using this creative force here on earth. A force given by God. 

(Choose it for good or bad - your own free will...)

I believe the holy spirit COULD refer to an awakening in consciousness. 

I believe Jesus had access to the unlimited consciousness of God and saw everything, his future & suffering but also through people into their hearts & souls. 

I believe unlimited consciousness/God is loving because he sees everything and knows that our deepest intentions are never bad - he sees the good in us always & he knows our true potential.

I believe when we would all be more aware & conscious on this planet we could achieve heaven on earth because we would all connect to the godly energy in us. 

If you saw all of the wounds of your neighbor you would not hate him anymore but love him, forgive him, and connect with him. 

Unlimited Peace & Freedom.


Thanks for reading so far - I appreciate it! 

If you read till here YOU HAVE to check out my post on consciousness - you might awaken after reading it... Pretty powerful truths are being uncovered there, at least I think so :D 


Godly Energy itself went through me here :D 

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