Thomas Vogt

Patrick has an excellent ability to dive deep into a business, to understand the core topics in the shortest possible time and then to transform them into suitable marketing in an absolutely charming way! Patrick supports me so comprehensively that I am more than surprised and feel extremely well taken care of.

Owner of @inova.net Sustainability Reporting

Peter Bagi

With his tips, I have now written LinkedIn posts with a range of over 4,000 views. (Before 300-800 views.) I now chat with new contacts daily and have regular video calls with prospects. It's really top-notch and yes, you won't find a coach like that again.

Owner of @Bagi Web Development

Jannis Krenn

I can 100% recommend working with Patrick. He doesn't limit himself to the bare essentials when working with his clients, but really goes all out to get the results he wants with them as quickly and as well as possible! Patrick knows an enormous amount in the areas of
marketing, positioning and sales.

Owner of @JannisKrenn.com Web Design

Elisabet Bästlein

I wish everyone with questions about external communication has "a Patrick" on their side.

Owner of @dunkelmodus Web Design

Sanja Ketterer

Patrick brings a lot of experience and knows marketing really well. In short - he knows what he's doing.He is absolutely reliable, super personable, full of ideas and always sees solutions. [...] I can wholeheartedly recommend working with him.

Owner of @Sanja Ketterer Freelance & Content Marketing

Samuel Obermeier

requests and visibility doubled!
"Through the collaboration, I learned an incredible amount [...] This allowed me to build a successful long-term strategy!"

Owner of big Electricity Comparison Plattform

Frank Habich

I had no idea at all about social selling on LinkedIn before. He introduced me to social selling step by step with a lot of patience, confidence [...]. And I have already achieved some success and was able to close additional deals.

Owner of @MyLeadMix Sales Services

Sandra Wenger

Your kick in the a** is really crazy. Have now in the next 2 weeks already 5 calls. You would say magical now! Thank you so much for your impulses.[...] Should my clients need intensive assistance in the LinkedIn universe, I will definitely highly recommend Patrick. Everyone should have such a cool networking partner!

Owner of @CrazyAboutContent

Georg Appelhoff

I have now made a new start with my agency and Patrick has helped me a lot to find my positioning again [...]. Patrick has contributed a lot to push me again with my agency so that I now have the positioning to position myself well and to become visible for my future customers. I can only recommend Patrick in this respect!

Owner of @Appinion GmbH

Hakan Fragapane

Patrick is someone who has definitely more than mastered marketing in the German-speaking world. Be it here on LinkedIn, Google or YouTube. At the same time, he brings it across in such a relaxed way that it's mega fun to work with him. [...]

Owner of @FlashSites Web Performance

Jen Preißer

Patrick Breitenstein is a true legend. He helped me a lot in organic marketing and even if it sounds a little weird right now, he does it in such a great way that it makes a lot of fun working with him. Even now afterwards we still stayed in great contact.

Former Marketing Manager @TutorSpace

Marlon Nitz

The acquisition of new properties is an essential part of our success. In the area of acquisition, SEO is one of the most important marketing measures and here Patrick has supported us in a leading role.We have managed to rank significantly better on Google with many different keywords within a short time, so we can only recommend Patrick's services.

Owner of @Nivaris Real Estate

Simone Altendorfer

Patrick has a gift of connecting with people and understanding where their obstacles lie. Any Session with him turned out to be just what I needed to hear to get on track with my Personal Marketing.

Owner of @Place Holder Marketing

Jennifer Weigand

Through this I am also much clearer in how position myself [...] also in very big praise Patrick I just had the feeling I am really in professional hands and I am seen in my entirety with all my facets - thank you thank you!

Owner of @Jennifer Weigand Finance Coaching

Christian Kleemann

Why constantly familiarize yourself with networks & find good strategies? Why not fall back on the knowledge of someone who already has much more experience? [...] I can recommend Patrick in any case for all those who are looking for impulses, help on LinkedIn, how to be found better there.

Owner of @Architektur-Websites


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...
Patrick founded after his marketing studies his first online venture named TutorBoost (german online tutoring company) and has skyrocketed ever since...
He has not only grew a sustainable business that allowed him to live the lifestyle of full-time a digital nomad, travelling from country to country, but also generated millions of impressions & hunderd thousands of clicks and an automatic #lead-machine for himself with just $200 Budget to beginn with.
With this cutting edge #value-marketing-framework he went on to consult various companies & soloprenuers to achieve the same impact in their niche with great success.
Since 2020 he has produced 100% happy & successful customer stories like a marketing factory.

Meet him directly in the 15min #value-call.